Money and Customs Bali Indonesia

It does not make sense to change money into Rupiah in your home country. At the airport, there are some ATM’s which accept Visa or other credit cards and a number of money changers, whose exchange rate is of course not as good as in town, but still better than the exchange rate you get outside of Indonesia.

Beware of false money changers and be suspicious with money changers, which offer an extremely good exchange rate compared to others. Make sure, no commission applies.

The approximate exchange rates are: around 16.000 Rp/Euro and around 13.500 Rp/US$. (as of end of December 2017)

Any amount of cash exceeding 100 million Rupiah (or its equivalent in other currencies) brought in or out of Indonesia, must be declared. You may bring in a maximum of 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 100 g of tobacco and 1 liter of alcohol per person. Officially, the value of personal goods is limited to 250 US$ per person, which actually is not practicable, taking into account just the value of a normal laptop.

This information is meant as a guideline only and does not replace official customs information.

Be aware that Indonesian laws are quite clear and strict about trafficking and use of drugs!! Even small amounts of drugs can result in death penalty and being a foreigner does not make you resistant to Indonesian law. Umah Pelangi will not tolerate the use and trafficking of drugs in our premises and we reserve the right to expel any guest who does not comply with these rules. We will not assist you, should you get into any trouble due to the use or trafficking of drugs.

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