Transportation in Bali

There is close to no public transport in Bali for short distances. Busses from the bus terminals cover the longer distances such as to Java etc. In Denpasar and surrounding, there are some city busses, the use of which needs a certain training. The areas, which are interesting for “us”, such as Kuta up to Canggu, do have only a newly installed tourist bus line (Kura-Kura Bus), but that connects only a few points mostly further away from the beach. So there is only taxi as public transport. It is therefore wise to choose your accommodation in the vicinity of places, you are hanging out during the day (such as beaches or restaurants), as it is more comfortable not having to use a taxi coming from the beach. If you are using taxis, make sure, the driver switches on the taximeter. Good experiences with taxis have been reported from “Blue Bird” company, but not each taxi with a blue bird painted to its side is actually from that company.

From the airport, you can take a taxi at the taxi booth for a fixed price to your destination.

Of course, visits to tourist attractions can be organized by tours or minibuses. You can also rent cars or motorbikes, but in that case make sure that you are in the possession of a valid respective international driving license. The use of a motorbike is the most common and the most efficient way to squeeze your butt through the traffic, but you should actually really be able to drive a motor bike, as you might discover a certain difference in traffic behavior here compared to western countries. In Indonesia is left hand traffic and the use of a helmet obligatory.

Our staff will assist you, should you require to rent a motor bike or a car or need any information about transport.

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