Visa for Indonesia and Bali

The information here does not replace official information from the immigration for your respective country. It is meant as a guideline only to ease the preparation of your trip to Indonesia.

Tourist visa:

Citizen of 168 countries (that means almost all countries in the world) do not need a visa any more for a stay up to 30 days in Indonesia. This visa free entry is NOT extendable. If you wish to extend your 30-days entry permit for another 30 days, you need to get a visa on arrival (which you have to pay for), when entering Indonesia for the first 30 days, or apply for a visa in your home country prior to your flight to Indonesia. (That means, you need to know in advance, if you want to stay only up to 30 days or if you want to stay longer.) This visa on arrival can be extended only ONE time, that means, a tourist can stay maxium 60 days in Indonesia.
In both cases, this is only a single entry visa and your passport must be valid minimum 6 months.
The visa on arrival costs 35 US$ and can be paid also in other currencies, but the change will be given in Rupiah, not necessarily with the best exchange rate.

Please note, that the validity of 30 days means 30 days and not one month. AND: The arrival day and departure day is counted each as a day. So if you arrive in Indonesia on 2nd October 9 pm and leave Indonesia on 3rd October 9 am, you have already spent 2 days. In other words, if you arrive in Indonesia on 2nd October, you must leave latest at 31st October. Overstaying will be fined with 200.000 Rp per day.

Longer stays:

Longer stays can be arranged by business visa or social budaya visa. These visas need a local sponsor and can be issued only in an embassy outside of Indonesia. These visas (same as tourist visa) do not allow you to work in Indonesia.

Temporarily stay permits (KITAS) will be issued as working visa or retirement visa or family visa. This is a more complicated process for which you should seek professional help by law companies in Indonesia.

Departure card:

From 01.04.2015 onwards, arrival / departure cards are not issued any longer, so filling in these cards and having to keep the departure card is not necessary any more.

Airport tax:

The airport tax of 200.000,- Rp. (Bali) is now included in the ticket price. So you do not need any more to pay an airport tax when leaving Indonesia (unless you still have a flight ticket from prehistoric times).

February Special

40,- US$ => 30,- US$
50,- US$ => 40,- US$

(minimum 2 nights) 
per room per night
including breakfast / taxes

(combination with other promotions does not apply)

(for more details, see "Rates")


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